DEBUt EP - Soggy Oxygen

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Boston-based rock quartet, Hux and the Hitmen, are blended from youth and experience.  

Described as "Rough, tough pop," Hux & the Hitmen blends alternative, power pop and straight up Rock and Roll, putting on an electrifying live show while doing it. The music is catchy, lively and loud, and the refreshing honesty of the lyricism invites you to accept your humanity and take things as they come. 

Born in New York and raised in Singapore, front man Huxley Rittman has been in bands since the pre-teen years, eventually finding himself at Berklee College of Music, teaming up with Avery Lazes, Ella Pearson, and Grant Dickerson in order to give his songs the bite they needed. 

Having travelled around the US and the UK from their Northeastern home base, checking off a list of storied venues from LA's Viper Room to Liverpool's famous Cavern Club, the Hitmen will soon be relocating to Nashville Tennessee, where Rittman spent a gap-year discovering the magic of Music City. 

Summer 2018 saw the Hitmen travelling around the NY tristate area, releasing debut EP "Soggy Oxygen", and travelling to Ireland to play 2018's Electric Picnic festival. They had fun.